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Matthew Lloyd Architects

A democratic approach to design

We have designed a masterplan with the important key aims of connectivity, links between communities, pattern-making, sustainability and habitability. Our aspiration is to build a place of unity and fairness and a place where neighbours are judged equally whatever their background, values, religion or traditions. Voting is now closed!
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Current rating: (84 votes)
Site plan
Site plan
Housing masterplan
Housing masterplan
Aerial view
Aerial view
Marketplace Square
Marketplace Square
Inhabiting the valley
Inhabiting the valley
Communal spaces between dwellings
Communal spaces between dwellings
Making the most of the sunlight
Making the most of the sunlight
Download full plan
Current rating: (84 votes)


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Is nice how the crisscross circulation creates small opportunities and eventually defines dynamic interactions for pedestrians, as well as the housing footprint. However, it creates lots of vacancies. Hence, the allotments. There are a lot of those. Would be an appropriate idea to optimize more those spaces.
— On Mon Mar 20 2023 @ 2:00:49 AM
First, this is a thoughtful presentation that distills the concepts behind; into meaningful graphs. In general, the masterplan is neat and attractively shows intimate courts amid each cluster. The ideas, however, are not explained clearly. I would love to have an idea about the sustainability plans or the choices of the construction materials, or the high-level construction methodology. The decision to using passivHaus Standard should be backed by strong reasoning (including capital budgeting decision) bearing in mind the extra cost associated. I believe this concept can be developed into a landmark for the city.
— On Thu Mar 16 2023 @ 7:25:42 PM
Rather too diffuse and scattered, lacks any focal point and builds over too much of the site for no good reason
— On Mon Mar 13 2023 @ 4:34:10 PM
An attractive thoughtful scheme
— On Thu Feb 09 2023 @ 9:06:33 AM
— On Fri Nov 11 2022 @ 8:53:49 AM
We have to get our heads round moving away from terraced housing in Belfast. If we are going to meet the needs of our population today and in future we will need to use land well and build up - not high rise but a few storey at least. As long as this is done right we can make beautiful villages like this one. I like it.
— On Fri Nov 11 2022 @ 7:30:09 AM
Very humane and warm sense of community! Well done!
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 10:31:15 PM
Makes sense
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 6:29:47 PM
Innovative and Pleasant
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 6:00:58 PM
Beautiful and down to earth!
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 5:40:33 PM
Lovely ideas - I love the communal spaces in-between homes :)
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 4:56:29 PM
Particularly love the communal space idea!
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 4:33:11 PM
Fantastic vision
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 3:35:47 PM
I very much liked the design presented as it really looks to connect and unify the locals to create a community in an area which they can be happy to live in for its surrounding look and many activities they can do together.
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 12:48:51 PM
I can imagine myself in the valley area, relaxing on the sloping hills by the river.
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 11:46:01 AM
Love this plan!
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 10:47:53 AM
Awesome, congratulations
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 10:11:28 AM
I really like the idea of communal spaces and sense of community that can create between neighbours.
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 10:04:16 AM
Truly inspired
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 9:28:32 AM
This is absolutely brilliant !
— On Thu Nov 10 2022 @ 9:22:41 AM
Because it’s just beautiful and well done
— On Wed Nov 09 2022 @ 5:07:29 PM
I really like the fact of having communal spaces between dwellings and having open areas to activities
— On Wed Nov 09 2022 @ 3:58:07 PM
I love this project, it is very well elaborated and well thought through. Excellent!
— On Wed Nov 09 2022 @ 3:57:38 PM
Absolutely amazing
— On Wed Nov 09 2022 @ 3:49:11 PM
Democratic is key
— On Wed Nov 09 2022 @ 3:48:19 PM
Democratic is key
— On Wed Nov 09 2022 @ 3:48:18 PM
Excellent all round project
— On Wed Nov 09 2022 @ 3:46:16 PM
Wonderful! I love the layout , a great idea to help people connect!
— On Wed Nov 09 2022 @ 3:46:15 PM
What an amazing and Mastering Plan ! It will make such a big difference to us, This is what architecture is all about.
— On Wed Nov 09 2022 @ 3:36:19 PM
This is a really well-considered Masterplan that shows a deep understanding of the site and how people want to live.
— On Mon Oct 31 2022 @ 11:36:23 PM
Clever and challenging use of the site -excellent!
— On Sun Oct 30 2022 @ 10:08:24 PM
Good connectivity between the site and its neighbourhood
— On Fri Oct 28 2022 @ 11:53:09 AM
I love this one - you can really see a community - i'm not not sure what it would cost or who could help build it but this is definitely better than any housing estate in west Belfast at the minute and better than a waste ground that's been empty for years. Brilliant.
— On Wed Oct 26 2022 @ 5:05:25 PM
Love this plan! great to see access to sunlight is a priority we all need the vitamin D
— On Tue Oct 25 2022 @ 8:13:53 PM
Love the detail here. The aerial view really gives a sense of how the different parts of the commununity come together. To have this kind of housing in Belfast would be a dream!
— On Tue Oct 25 2022 @ 8:13:41 AM
The masterplan looks very repetitive and flat
— On Mon Oct 24 2022 @ 5:02:38 PM
What a fab space! Really integrating the outside. Love it!
— On Sat Oct 22 2022 @ 8:03:08 PM
Perfect use of the full area
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 1:36:43 PM
I love the scale of this and the way it's laid out, it feels like a garden community
— On Thu Oct 20 2022 @ 9:02:10 AM
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