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Earth Shilpkar Studio

Inclusiveness – Equality – Opportunity – Growth

These key words form the basic needs and rights of every citizen in any country. Any social housing project should consider these parameters when approaching a vision. Social housing goes beyond only providing homes to people. It should aim to establish an ecosystem where inhabitants can see themselves grow as part of a more equal world. Voting is now closed!
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Social housing as a concept has to be interwoven with a wholesome living experience for the community. In order to thrive a community needs dedicated spaces for varied functions where people and families can prosper in a healthy and environmentally sustainable way.

Overview (from south-east)
Overview (from south-east)
Multiple aerial views
Multiple aerial views
Promenade, river and communal spaces
Promenade, river and communal spaces
Space for urban farming
Space for urban farming
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Current rating: (79 votes)


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Hesitant about the mall, offices and institutional/cultural cluster buildings. Houses also seem to act as clusters. Yes not everything has to sit together but this proposal provides a sense of monumentality. It rather creates a question. Do we need to create monumental spaces in order to have interaction with our surroundings?
— On Mon Mar 20 2023 @ 1:12:40 AM
I thought I was a great plan plus the architecture was stunning
— On Tue Mar 14 2023 @ 5:52:55 PM
Hard to see any redeeming quality in this unsympathetic presentation style: There may be some idea here, but I'm not attracted to read deeper
— On Mon Mar 13 2023 @ 4:32:23 PM
Too much like a business park
— On Thu Feb 09 2023 @ 9:08:28 AM
We’ll thought n aesthetically strategically planned
— On Tue Jan 31 2023 @ 11:54:08 AM
Brilliant idea!
— On Tue Jan 31 2023 @ 10:55:34 AM
— On Tue Jan 10 2023 @ 11:16:18 AM
— On Thu Jan 05 2023 @ 2:29:57 PM
Pretty good overall, but some of the buildings are far too boxy looking, and look like Soviet Union type buildings or old tenements that were built in the US. About 3/4 of the buildings look fine, but you should nix the boxy ones.
— On Sun Dec 11 2022 @ 7:16:55 AM
Wow, what a beautiful project & Location. All the best for project.
— On Thu Dec 01 2022 @ 10:03:16 AM
Can this really be done? Thousands of square feet of homes, shops, workplaces all on a site in west Belfast? Why not. We deserve it. If they can build a Titanic building and thousands of offices and car parks all over the town then the poor and neglected areas deserve something too.
— On Fri Nov 11 2022 @ 7:36:05 AM
superb Master Planning, Really well Planned
— On Tue Nov 01 2022 @ 9:34:03 AM
Very comprehensive and good design
— On Sat Oct 29 2022 @ 10:15:29 AM
This masterplan is designed so beautifully.👌
— On Sat Oct 29 2022 @ 9:06:26 AM
Loved the entire plan especially the Waterbody in d middle of the project that creates a lake kind of atmosphere which brings you close to nature.. Just hope that the project is friendly and easy accessible to Specially abled people and they can access all the amenities like every other human being. All the best to Earth Shilpkar Studio.
— On Sat Oct 29 2022 @ 7:27:11 AM
The different bridges over the river open up the site & access to more space
— On Thu Oct 27 2022 @ 6:43:08 PM
Love the inclusion of urban farming spaces!
— On Tue Oct 25 2022 @ 8:19:00 PM
amazing concepts, something new for Northern Ireland, vision of the future
— On Tue Oct 25 2022 @ 8:55:17 AM
Great plan. It provides a sense of the size of the community through number of apts and town houses. The integration of living, community space and work environment is well thought out.
— On Mon Oct 24 2022 @ 10:14:19 PM
This is a fantastic mix of good, modern design and business
— On Mon Oct 24 2022 @ 1:03:06 PM
The idea of the masterplan activity,zoning was very well communicated.
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 10:21:06 AM
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