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Mahmoud Farouk Gaber Gaber Sherif

Knitting communities into a common fabric

A network of plazas make boundaries and edges melt into a communal space for community gatherings for residents and visitors alike. The height of the residential development allows for a lot of green space and thus increasing the quality of life of the community who can enjoy a forested landscape. We integrate a range of services into our design, making a robust and autonomous community for residents, and an attractive destination for visitors. Voting is now closed!
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Site overview
Site overview
Network of plazas
Network of plazas
Development process
Development process
The sponge city strategy
The sponge city strategy
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Current rating: (310 votes)


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This proposal is Interesting but confusing. Its proposal addresses landscape while at the same time, addresses big/tall doesn't propose homes for families
— On Mon Mar 20 2023 @ 12:21:10 AM
This is really a Landscape Design only; that aspect has merit but doesn't really address the question. The built form seems rather random, reducing density which might make a district heating scheme, for instance, uneconomic
— On Mon Mar 13 2023 @ 4:39:09 PM
Great effort invested. Though; modest presentation and poor language made it difficult to digest the reasoning behind many of the decisions. I commend the sustainability focus, though I doubt some of the logic. For instance; If I am a resident, I would not fight heat this hard. I also have doubts about the feasibility of wind turbines. The respected designer did not highlight the cost factor of using scattered tall (e.g. steel structure) buildings VS low rise with cheaper structures. It is not clear the decision the designer made is analyzed using the correct variables.
— On Thu Mar 09 2023 @ 9:47:40 PM
The cut-away analysis is attractive but looks over complicated; a terraced solution would be better; the ‘plaza’ concept is out of sync with the context
— On Thu Feb 09 2023 @ 8:40:16 AM
Great addition to the city fabric
— On Tue Nov 22 2022 @ 6:18:33 AM
Definitely not my favourite. There's no detail. What would a house be like? west Belfast is full of failied housing estates. This one has to be different
— On Wed Nov 16 2022 @ 2:24:14 PM
A very good development for the nightbourhood
— On Sat Nov 12 2022 @ 6:57:04 AM
Terrific design
— On Sat Nov 12 2022 @ 6:55:41 AM
No es funcional
— On Fri Nov 11 2022 @ 5:45:55 PM
— On Mon Nov 07 2022 @ 12:53:22 PM
the whole idea is brilliant as he got the best advantage from the land and it's irregular shape the reuse of water ,all is briliant
— On Sun Nov 06 2022 @ 11:33:15 AM
Good design. Nice presentation
— On Sun Nov 06 2022 @ 9:44:39 AM
Good work 👏
— On Sat Nov 05 2022 @ 12:43:00 PM
Nice project 🤍🤍
— On Fri Nov 04 2022 @ 10:05:19 AM
Great on water recycling… but not keen on high rise buildings. Also not sure how melinis multiflora, and citrus maxima would do in Belfast either 😂
— On Fri Nov 04 2022 @ 9:32:01 AM
It's very good
— On Fri Nov 04 2022 @ 6:39:58 AM
It is perfect
— On Thu Nov 03 2022 @ 7:30:36 PM
Very nice
— On Wed Nov 02 2022 @ 10:24:22 PM
— On Wed Nov 02 2022 @ 10:06:11 PM
wonderful. the urban solution of making it walkable without cars which will give the neighborhood a big park open for every one
— On Wed Nov 02 2022 @ 7:00:06 PM
— On Wed Nov 02 2022 @ 6:29:03 PM
Enormous form he dealed with an irregular shape of land with creative solutions creating new urban space for the people
— On Wed Nov 02 2022 @ 6:24:44 PM
— On Wed Nov 02 2022 @ 6:23:31 PM
will planed, master plan the idea of going vertical allowing for more residences and letting them have extra open space
— On Wed Nov 02 2022 @ 9:29:43 AM
Really smart the way they think about water. Not just using water but working in systems to constantly recycle and use water again to grow crops and feed the community.
— On Fri Oct 28 2022 @ 8:58:34 PM
The water recycling plan is terrific! I like the idea of a series of connecting plazas though more about what that would look and feel like would help
— On Fri Oct 28 2022 @ 7:19:30 AM
5 stars from me for the innovative plan to recycle water on the development!
— On Tue Oct 25 2022 @ 8:16:06 PM
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