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Designing a present and a future

OUTgrow Zone envisions a present and a future, where it challenges the notion of edges superimposed by architectural expressions that have been embedded (and intend to be reinvented by the proposal of Greenway) into the site’s context by integrating public housing and public street realm together. Voting is now closed!
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Site plan
Site plan
Site legend
Site legend
Circulation plan
Circulation plan
Street view
Street view
Street amenities
Street amenities
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Current rating: (119 votes)


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The plans are beautiful!
— On Wed Mar 22 2023 @ 3:16:04 PM
Very well thought out.
— On Tue Mar 21 2023 @ 5:10:28 PM
Amazing project and format! Keep up the excellent work!
— On Mon Mar 20 2023 @ 6:42:33 PM
The nodes that are created (for evxample the Amenities Zone and the Outdoor Plaza) create opportunity to foster and build a sense of community. Sometimes spreading these necessary facilities across a campus sometimes can result in a disparate experience. Also, the consideration for Co-Living spaces breaks the trajectory for homogeneous living, and creates opportunity for bonding and understanding across generations, able bodies and disabled/differently abled bodies. Sharing spaces for common uses no matter the walk of life seems like a productive way forward in community living.
— On Sun Mar 19 2023 @ 5:04:41 PM
Amazing masterplan
— On Sun Mar 19 2023 @ 3:21:38 PM
Beautiful foundational concept! Love it!
— On Fri Mar 17 2023 @ 4:45:49 PM
The architect employed a cost effective form, but that's it! The presentation is short of important aspects of the idea, as if not finished. No clear decisions (and basis of decisions) for important parts like the structure concept, construction methodology, and at least an idea of the sustainability solutions. The easy form, though, allows for easy future expansion and growth.
— On Sun Mar 12 2023 @ 6:10:29 PM
Interesting but overly complex layout which oddly creates a split or divide within the development; the plan seems less attractive in the visualisation
— On Thu Feb 09 2023 @ 8:46:31 AM
Excelente trabajo, muy bien estructurado,felicitaciones por su gran competencia.
— On Fri Nov 11 2022 @ 7:38:00 PM
Love it😍 Beautiful
— On Fri Nov 11 2022 @ 3:01:42 PM
Love the communal aspect!
— On Fri Nov 11 2022 @ 1:09:25 PM
Beautiful idea
— On Fri Nov 11 2022 @ 12:34:28 PM
Excellent project. Is nice. Very novel
— On Tue Nov 08 2022 @ 12:45:11 AM
Love the idea of the garden sharing between neighbors and community members. The center outgrow area adds togetherness for the community and the studios for singles is great.
— On Sun Nov 06 2022 @ 11:48:02 PM
Great Job!!! A good idea.
— On Thu Nov 03 2022 @ 2:40:19 AM
Amazing job, congratulations
— On Thu Nov 03 2022 @ 2:39:50 AM
Outstanding job!
— On Thu Nov 03 2022 @ 1:07:15 AM
So smart and exciting!
— On Sun Oct 30 2022 @ 10:09:10 PM
Brilliant ideas
— On Fri Oct 28 2022 @ 7:21:18 PM
Love the feel of this design!
— On Fri Oct 28 2022 @ 7:26:33 AM
Thumbs up
— On Wed Oct 26 2022 @ 9:13:17 AM
Good use of co-living arrangements to maximise capacity and support community
— On Tue Oct 25 2022 @ 8:10:16 PM
Very well thought out. This is very great!!
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 9:35:28 PM
Great job!
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 9:03:41 PM
Great job!
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 9:03:40 PM
I love these drawings. Very complex and well thought out. These are amazing!
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 8:48:33 PM
Amazing vision!
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 3:59:20 PM
Beautiful and intelligent
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 2:11:14 PM
This is what future of cities should be. Good job!
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 2:09:05 PM
Very clear concept and ideation of design. Overall quite visually literate.
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 3:07:02 AM
The project clearly demonstrates its possibilities to expand while still keeping true to its origins.
— On Fri Oct 21 2022 @ 1:55:25 AM
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